One man. 30 days, 678 games. No online purchases. It’s the premise that launched a film over 10,000 miles in the making and showcases the adventure of video game rock star, Jay Bartlett, a fanatic collector in pursuit of his dream to own a complete official North American NES library. Along the way, filmmaker Rob McCallum examines the enduring legacy of the NES and Nintendo.

This exciting new film has been featured on NBC, CBS, CTV, CBC Radio•One and on dozens of podcasts and blogs and features Tommy Tallarico, Syd Bolton, John Pompa, Mason Cramer, Matt Miller, Michelle Ireland, Brent Dolan, Carrie Swidecki, Thor Aackerlund, Billy Mitchell, Walter Day, Ben Gold, Todd Rogers, Triforce Johnson, Patrick Scott Patterson, Richie Knucklez and more!

News And Other Updates!

  • Phoenix, AZ: Rising from the Ashes!

    Phoenix, AZ: Rising from the Ashes!

        I apologize for the cliche title but when you hear about the Power Tour stop in Phoenix you’ll understand why it’s actually fitting and not just convenient. Let’s flashback to our last stop in DuBois, PA for a … Read More »
  • DuBois, PA: Plenty of Magic and Extra Life

    DuBois, PA: Plenty of Magic and Extra Life

      The sixth stop on the “Nintendo Quest: Power Tour” was DuBois, PA, a town nestled in a forest-hill laden landscape that conveys comfort upon seeing and smiles upon arrive – which was exactly the case for Jay, Glenn, and … Read More »
  • Columbus, Ohio: The Gaming Community

    Columbus, Ohio: The Gaming Community

      Last weekend was another whirlwind trip for a screening of “Nintendo Quest” and as the title of this post indicates, we had the pleasure of traveling to Columbus, Ohio, to show the film which was really special for us … Read More »
  • GamerCast plays on, NOW with a Special Patreon Edition!

    GamerCast plays on, NOW with a Special Patreon Edition!

    It's been a little over a year since we introduced "Gamercast with Jay, Rob, and Glenn" to the world. It's transformed from a vehicle of pure promotion for "Nintendo Quest" to the epicenter of everything in the "Nintendo Quest" universe. Read More »


    It’s hard to properly illustrate and even describe the immense success of our recent trip to Texas. In short, we spent six days in the lone star state meeting a lot of fans, introducing the film to hundreds of people, … Read More »
  • AUDIO ROUND UP: July 15- August 15

    AUDIO ROUND UP: July 15- August 15

    Every month you'll see us recap what's happened on our GamerCast with extended versions available through our Patreon archive. Here's everything the last four episodes, so take a listen! Read More »
  • The REVIEWS are in….

    The REVIEWS are in….

    There is a lot of hype surrounding the much-anticipated, "Nintendo Quest" and believe me, as the filmmaker, and speaking on behalf of the entire team, we are dying to get the film in your hands, or bring it to your … Read More »
  • …And so it begins: THE NINTENDO QUEST POWER TOUR!

    …And so it begins: THE NINTENDO QUEST POWER TOUR!

    It’s June 23, 2015 and we’re about to embark upon a cross-country road trip, that’s part of a cross-continent tour, for a film that took over two years to make – and I couldn’t be more excited! I mean, it’s … Read More »


Join film director, Rob McCallum, and star, Jay Bartlett, plus other members of the Nintendo Quest team as they showcase the film across North America in a series limited engagement, advanced screenings.

Be amongst the first set of people to witness this original and exciting documentary on the greatest gaming company in history. Expect awesome behind the scenes stories, a chance to meet the team, and an unforgettable experience with an audience that truly loves video games.

Check out the excitement for this film that transcends video games!

Can’t make it to one of the screenings? Now you can bring Nintendo Quest to your city! Click HERE to find out how!

The Team

Rob McCallum

Rob McCallum

Director, Writer, Editor, Producer

Jay Bartlett

Jay Bartlett

Star, Fanatic Video Game Collector

Jordan C. Morris

Jordan C. Morris

Writer, Producer

Sarah Mulholland

Sarah Mulholland

Director of Photography

John H. McCarthy

John H. McCarthy

Supervising Sound Editor, Music

Xavier Van Den Nouwland

Xavier Van Den Nouwland

Motion Design and Graphics

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