One man. 30 days, 678 games. No online purchases. It’s the premise that launched a film over 10,000 miles in the making and showcases the adventure of video game rock star, Jay Bartlett, a fanatic collector in pursuit of his dream to own a complete official North American NES library. Along the way, filmmaker Rob McCallum examines the enduring legacy of the NES and Nintendo.

This exciting new film has been featured on NBC, CBS, CTV, CBC Radio•One and on dozens of podcasts and blogs and features Tommy Tallarico, Syd Bolton, John Pompa, Mason Cramer, Matt Miller, Michelle Ireland, Brent Dolan, Carrie Swidecki, Thor Aackerlund, Billy Mitchell, Walter Day, Ben Gold, Todd Rogers, Triforce Johnson, Patrick Scott Patterson, Richie Knucklez and more!



It’s hard to properly illustrate and even describe the immense success of our recent trip to Texas. In short, we spent six days in the lone star state meeting a lot of fans, introducing the film to hundreds of people, and reconnecting with old friends that we had the privilege of working with two years ago while filming, “Nintendo Quest.”

I arrived in Houston on July 23, with a lot of work to accomplish like printing our limited edition Power Tour posters, securing the frame for our theatrical poster, picking up our DVDs for sale and many other small tasks that essentially erased the entire day. Adding this extra day wasn’t in the budget, but if there’s one thing I learned, there’s never enough time, so I took the risk and glad I did because the next day started at 8am with an airport run to grab Sarah Mulholland. Sarah’s was the director of photography of “Nintendo Quest” and is also working with me to film these on-going episodes of the “Nintendo Quest: Power Tour.” After a quick lunch, we hit the road to Austin where we met up with Jay, Glenn, and our friend Jeff who came a long to help us out.

Two hours later, we’re in Austin and Jay’s visited the Palms Convention Centre which serves as HQ for Classic Game Fest while I’ve checked us into the hotel. We meet up and after filming some scenes, we hit 6th street and tell a few folks about the film over a few cold ones.

Saturday morning comes fast and furious and we set up the booth that makes use of our theatrical sized poster, our fresh 8×2 banner, and our new retail disc displays. The crowd floods in and many scoop up discs while others want to wait until Sunday to view the film at the fest. It was a lot of fun, a lot of arcade gaming, and cool bands playing classic game tunes.

Sunday was just as fast-paced but we also had an injection of anxiety as the film was set to play at 2:30pm. Lots of people come by to say, “hi” including Nintendo Quest alumnus Patrick Scott Patterson, Ben Gold, and Todd Rogers who pal’d around with us the night before as well. Seeing these three guys talk about their Nintendo Quest experience with Jay was nothing short of surreal and should make for a great segment for the Power Tour series.

Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News also joined us for the screening and served as our MC, introducing the film, us, and moderating the following Q&A, but I’m getting a head of myself. With our stable of celebs ready to rock, Jay and I notice something incredible: there’s standing room only for the film an HOUR before it’s scheduled time. The crowd gets restless as they see Jay and I talk to one another and some fans brave enough to approach and chat.  Then, the clock strikes, and it’s time to start the show.

Harry gives us a warm introduction detailing how he and I connected. I thank Classic Game Fest, Game Over Video games which is a local retail chain of game stores that was particular cool to us while filming, and everyone in attendance. I give the last word to Jay who gets the crowd pumped. More people push to see the screen and join the experience as the projector flickers to life and the sound rings out across the 25,000 square foot. Instantly the film hooks people like a rollercoaster ride and smiles appear across several dozen faces all at once, seemingly suggesting that the film is real, and they’re finally seeing the much-talked-about movie. Clearly I’m biased, but I also know the double-edged sword of creating hype for a film that takes a while to complete.

Ninety-two minutes later, the film finishes, the crowd erupts into applause, and most stick around for the Q&A session that covered topics like collecting, the history of tangible objects verses ROMs, and the power of chasing your dreams. All in all, Sunday was incredible, and as much as those memories will last a life time, no one could prepare us for the next day, in Houston for our screening at the Alamo Drafthouse.

When I landed in Houston on Thursday, I learned that the Drafthouse, a theatre chain that I’ve long desired to visit allowed for reserve seating and I saw the seating chart. The screening was about 60% sold and I was ecstatic since we haven’t had a lot of press and the film was just starting to play in different cities as part of our Power Tour. When we arrived Monday, and had dinner at a local restaurant, I checked the seat chart again and my mouth dropped. It was sold out. We sold out the Drafthouse in Houston. This theatre chain that I’ve revered, and longed to visit has sold out for my first major release – and I saw as they turned away eager fans at the door. What the heck? How’d this happen? I talked to the programmer, Robert Saucedo, who was 50-50 on whether the film would do well, since he’s a non-gamer. After watching the film, he saw that the film transcends any gamer-only audience concerns and is trying to help us spread the word.

I barely remember introducing the film as I stared at an audience of 100+ people from all walks of life and interest and before I could comprehend what was happening, the film was over and we were fielding questions for the post-screening Q&A. Like many of our other Q&A’s, the audience lauded questions at Jay, which as a filmmaker means that I’ve been able to engage the audience in the subject and star. It’s a huge complement that I’ve done my job as a director that these people were hooked. After the Q&A, which was moderated by our good friend and podcast producer, Glenn Stanway, people raced to the lobby to secure a DVD and snag the signatures of everyone in attendance. An hour later, and after securing a local retailer who scored a few copies for his shop, the chaos was over and the night was finally starting to feel real. Everything became grounded and for the first time of the Power Tour I could appreciate what was happening. It was beyond expectations in every way. Of course, two minutes later, my brain hit a switch and I started to think about our next screening in Columbus, only ten days away.

The Power Tour rolls on, more and more reviews hit the web, and our release strategy continues to evolve too. I can’t wait to share some concrete distribution plans and even discuss our potential follow up that Jay and I have teased every step of the way. Here’s a hint: it’s bigger, crazier, and more adventurous than you can possibly imagine. Hope to see you on the Power Tour, thanks for reading, and GAME ON!


Join film director, Rob McCallum, and star, Jay Bartlett, plus other members of the Nintendo Quest team as they showcase the film across North America in a series limited engagement, advanced screenings.

Be amongst the first set of people to witness this original and exciting documentary on the greatest gaming company in history. Expect awesome behind the scenes stories, a chance to meet the team, and an unforgettable experience with an audience that truly loves video games.

Check out the excitement for this film that transcends video games!

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The Team

Rob McCallum

Rob McCallum

Director, Writer, Editor, Producer

Jay Bartlett

Jay Bartlett

Star, Fanatic Video Game Collector

Jordan C. Morris

Jordan C. Morris

Writer, Producer

Sarah Mulholland

Sarah Mulholland

Director of Photography

John H. McCarthy

John H. McCarthy

Supervising Sound Editor, Music

Xavier Van Den Nouwland

Xavier Van Den Nouwland

Motion Design and Graphics


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